Meet the Founder

Welcome to Mi Knight Collections!


My name is Miami Knight, I am extremely passionate about home interior staging and styling private celebratory events.

I believe that "All Things Decor" are the joys of life. The greatest compliment given to me as a home stager is, " You have a unique and artistic style making your home inviting".  Decorating for me is a spiritual gift. It gives me a peace of mind, creatively painting a picture of love and beauty. 

I hope you feel welcome and inspired by our families household name brands, as you enjoy designing your space  discovering the artistic powers within you. Visit OUR STORE for the ultimate shopping experience. 

In “Creating Stylish Dorm Rooms Your Way” I expressed my deepest love and devotion to my craft. Creating my own niche in Dorm Room Staging. This little setup guide contains choice of style, current décor trends, techniques and a behind the scene look at dorm room decorating. My hopes in self-publishing this e-Book is to encourage college students into radical action as they design and beautify their new living space away from home.